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Innovative Strategies

We work with you to help create an investment portfolio customized to address your short-and long-term income needs and personal aspirations, utilizing a broad range of investment managers and innovative strategies to help you pursue your goals. Our approach to asset allocation and investment planning seeks to help address the following:

  • Your income needs over time
  • Risk is managed in line with your goals and time horizon
  • Your portfolio is optimized to generate the potential for growth and outpace inflation
  • We strive for a deep understanding of the fundamental aspects of the economy, markets and instruments in which we invest
  • "Know the big picture (what factors are influencing the market); have a way to measure these factors; have an investment plan that helps you capitalize on these factors".
  • We develop proactive strategies and adjust investments to reflect market conditions, taking advantage of exceptional opportunities and looking for ways to manage risk.
  • Using technical analysis, we monitor metrics such as relative strength, price, momentum and volume, which help to reveal entry and exit points
  • Based on these proprietary tools, we employ a strict buy and sell discipline
  • We closely monitor each portfolio and seek to adjust your allocation mix as the market cycle evolves
  • By monitoring market trends and adjusting your allocation accordingly, we may be able to more effectively manage risk as a result of market volatility

No strategy, including asset allocation, ensures a profit or protects against loss. Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal. There is no "right" time to enter or exit a market. There is no guarantee that the investment objective mentioned here will be met. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.