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Comprehensive Guidance

Our 4-Step Planning Process

At Safe Harbor Wealth Management, we begin each client relationship by designing a road map that directs you from your current financial situation towards True Financial Freedom. The road map we design for you is a comprehensive, holistic wealth plan that reflects your specific life circumstances and priorities.

1.  Discover- Our first meeting is about understanding and getting to know you. Together we help you to articulate your current needs and future goals.

2.  Prepare- Upon evaluation of the Confidential Personal Information that you have provided, we prepare a comprehensive financial program designed to meet your specific needs.

3.  Options- We share our findings with you, present a selection of innovative strategies and recommend specific strategies to help accomplish each of your goals. This is where the plan that you agree upon is put into action.

4.  Monitor- Just when you make plans, life happens - and events large or small can change everything. The monitoring stage incorporates tracking systems to keep your plan on target. Through regular and consistent communication we’ll help you plan for the unexpected, anticipate change, and adjust your plans over time, as necessary.